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Dr. Indhu Rajeev

President, AFPI Kerala

It’s my pleasure to invite you all to the 8th Annual State Conference of AFPI Kerala Chapter AFPICON KERALA 2024. The theme this year is CHORDS OF CARE  Harmonising primary care, The Family Medicine way! This conference will focus on several topics of current interest covering various specialties of medical sciences.I am sure the participants attending this scientific feast will benefit immensely and will be able to practice confidently.


I take this opportunity to congratulate the organizers - Midzone Chapter of AFPI Kerala for taking the best efforts to conduct this event.

Welcome to Kochi – The Queen of Arabian Sea on 27 and 28th January 2024

Dr. Kailas P

Secretary, AFPI Kerala

Dear friends,
As you all know, AFPI KERALA has conducted 7 state conferences till now, the last one being at Thiruvananthapuram . AFPICON Kerala 2024 is going to be special, as the venue for this event is back to Kochi where we had hosted the 3rd National Conference of Family medicine and Primary Care (FMPC 2017). The 8th State Conference of AFPI ( AFPICON Kerala 2024) is going to be held at Hotel Tribute Royale, Maradu , Kochi on 27-28, January 2024.


The expectation from AFPICON Kerala is always high with the high standards set by the previous events and since this being the first major event for the present state executive, the task will not be easy. But the new team is getting ready to enthral you with academic excellence relevant to your practice and family medicine.
The delegates who attend our conference vary from medical students to senior Family medicine specialists. Even people from other specialties choose to attend our conferences for the high academic standards.


As the state secretary of AFPI Kerala , I can surely pledge that the event is organised in such a way that, in whichever stage you are now in your career, you will undoubtedly be able to get new take home messages which are relevant and thereby help you improve your clinical practice.

The workshops which were the highlights of the previous conferences are still going to be the best .
Speakers are chosen carefully for the sessions and you all will surely be excited by seeing our scientific programme.


The organising team is a group of hardworking, passionate and enthusiastic members who wants this conference to be remembered by everyone and is constantly working towards ensuring that. Our conference is yet another opportunity for all family physicians of Kerala and other parts of India to meet, greet and share their experiences and learn from each other . Let’s all grow together, enjoy life and try to bring changes in others lives.

See you all at AFPICON Kerala 2024.

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Dr. Anoop K J

Organising Chairperson, AFPICON Kerala 2024

It is with immense pleasure and excitement that I share the news that the beautiful city of Kochi, known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, will be hosting the 8th annual conference of the AFPI Kerala chapter, AFPICON 2024.

Just like an orchestra conductor who effortlessly harmonizes a musical concert with the wave of a baton, a family medicine specialist utilizes patient-centered approach as his baton while delivering care. This approach aims to create a melodious healthcare experience for patients, even in the midst of all the intricacies of medical science. It focuses on building strong doctor-patient relationships, fostering open communication, and providing comprehensive and continuous care.

The theme of this conference, "Chords of Care: Harmonizing Primary Care, The Family Medicine Way" perfectly encapsulates this notion. It emphasizes the importance of family physicians in creating a harmonious and patient-centered healthcare system.

The workshops and clinical update sessions organized during the conference will offer valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in primary care, as well as the latest advancements and best practices. Attendees will have the chance to enhance their knowledge and network with like-minded professionals, share knowledge and exchange experiences.

As the chairperson of the AFPICON 2024, it is my privilege to extend a warm welcome to all primary care doctors to join us in this conference. Together, we can make this event a grand success and further strengthen our primary care and contribute towards the advancement of family medicine.


Dr. Prasanth S

Organising Secretary, AFPICON Kerala 2024

Hello everyone!
As you all know AFPICON Kerala 2024 is going to be conducted in Kochi, an event that promises to bring together the brightest minds in the field to share insights, exchange knowledge, and foster collaboration.


This year's theme of the conference is “Chords Of Care : Harmonising Primary Care, The Family Medicine Way”. Our conference aims to explore the latest advancements in family medicine, discuss best practices, and address the challenges that our profession faces in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape.


With a lineup of distinguished speakers, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, this event is not to be missed.
We invite you to mark your calendars and join us in this enriching experience.


Together, let’s make this conference a resounding success and contribute to the growth of family medicine as a vital discipline.

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